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Guitarist Going Digital – Computer Monitors and Other Needed Items

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You can be good at playing guitar, but until your talent is exposed, you will stall in your career. Most guitarists have gone digital with most of them having websites and marketing their talent all over the internet. You can do so too, and ensure that you get a sizeable audience to grow your talent and your career.
You only need a few items as described below. While you might need help marketing your talent, you save a lot on marketing when you go digital.

Get a Good Computer and Computer Monitor

You do not need a very complex computer to run your guitar business. If you are a performer, you will only need to have a computer that can store lots of videos you have recorded and one that is fast enough to allow you to edit them. A normal office computer can do that with a large storage disk.

You also need a good computer monitor with great graphics if you will be editing your videos before uploading them online. Check out Secret Asian Man for tips on the best computers and monitors for different purposes. These tips will help you pick a computer and monitor that will meet your needs. The monitor size can be medium as long as you can edit without straining your eyes.

A PC is a great idea, but if you are always on the road, a laptop will be a great idea. Either will give you great results.

A Website

Most professional guitarists will offer guitar lessons besides performances, and this is where a website comes in handy. A well maintained and marketed website will market your skills and get you more performance invites and more guitar students. You need to ensure that the website says everything about you and your skills among others.

You can run a blog that shows your events and talks about your guitar career while offering lessons to aspiring guitarists. With a good computer and computer monitor, internet connection and willingness, a website is easy to run.

Ensure that you link your website to your social media sites. Here, keeping your audience engaged will keep your website relevant and grow your audience. If you opt to produce a video, produce the best quality and so are blog posts.

Find a good website designer/developer to build you a good, effective website.

Buy a Good Camera

You will need a camera to record videos and take event photos, edit them on your computer and then post them. A good DSLR camera will be costly, but in the long run, it will pay off. Ensure you only post the best photos for your audience.

Your phone videos and camera might be good, but they cannot compare with a good DSLR. You can, in the meantime, use your phone to take photos and videos then upgrade later. Good content will have that wow factor that your audience is looking for.

Go Digital Today

Going digital is easy since you might be having some of the items above. After getting a computer, a good monitor, a camera and starting your website, ensure that you keep your audience as engaged as you can. Look at popular guitar blogs and learn from them. Seek help when need be.

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