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Unlikely Inspirations – Dionne Warwick and historic R&B Singers

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Fans of The Honorary Title might not know this about us, but we are inspried by a wide variety of peoples and musicians from a wide background.  From 80’s hair metal to the odes of classical composers.  Somewhere in between there is the presence of soul and R&B.  While we are a bit young to have our own records from these artists (the heyday of which was in the 70s) our parents all had their own affinity for it.  This gave us the opportunity to be exposed to it, and it ended up becoming one of our big influences.

One of those people, and this may come as a surprise, is the legendary R&B singer Dionne warwick.  We had a scary thought a few months back when we heard that the singer, now 75 years old, had a fall.  We were glad to hear that she was fine, however, and proceeded to do shows and albums and even connect with her fans (as her official website states).  She even has a facebook page, which is good to know that she is staying modern and with the times.

dionne-warwickSimilar to how Tony Bennett become notorious for his duets with numerous current artists, Dionne has followed suit, and we are very happy about that.  She even has a duet with the likes of Ziggy Marley, son of the legend Bob Marley, and we are anxious to hear it!  Recently she also released a christmas album.

Much of our singing style originated from the 70s and 80s era, when singing was still considered to be an art which needed to be held in high regard.  This is no slight to the 90’s era and beyond, but as grunge rock and hip hop became more popular, actual singing became much less important, or at least thats how we saw it.  Thankfully modern R&B singers (the likes of Mary J. Blige) continue to perfect the art of the soul singer.

While Dionne and Aretha are still with us, we want to be able to enjoy them.  And we want our fans to be able to enjoy them as well.  That is why this post is meant to call out our fans to go check her out!  You can read her biography at her official website, get familiar with her history, and maybe even check out her new album.  We would hate for this legend to cease influencing and inspiring young people.

So hopefully we can do a bit to spread the word or her and the soul singers of today and yesteryear.

So don’t wait, go check it out now!


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